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Adjustable Dog Harness

Adjustable Dog Harness

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Product Specification:

Product Name: Dog Harness

Use: To make dog walking easier, quicker and safer


  1. Quick and easy to put on
  2. Strong and durable high-density braid
  3. Reflective strip design for added safety
  4. Supports multiple forms of pulling (hand pulling, back pulling, front pulling, and prevents rushing)
  5. Designed according to dog's physique for the perfect fit

Product Description: This Dog Harness is designed to make dog walking easier and quicker. With a simple design, it can be put on in just a few seconds, saving you time and effort. The harness features a strong high-density braid and reflective strip design for added safety.

It supports multiple forms of pulling, including hand pulling, back pulling (Rear O-ring for normal pulling), front pulling (Front D buckle training follow), and prevents dog rushing by front pulling the dragrope. The combined multifunction makes it the perfect tool for your dog.

Note: Please check the size of your dog before purchasing to ensure a proper fit.


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