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Fresh Fruit Nibbler Baby Pacifiers

Fresh Fruit Nibbler Baby Pacifiers

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Soothe teething pain and promote growth with ease - try our baby fruit sucker!


Product Description: The baby fruit sucker is an innovative feeding tool that helps soothe your baby's teething pain while providing essential nutrients.

Made of the highest food grade silicone material, this product is safe and toxin-free, making it perfect for babies. Unlike other mesh-based products, it is easy to clean and maintain, making feeding time hassle-free and more enjoyable for both you and your baby.

Use: This baby fruit sucker is designed to be used with frozen fruit or ice cubes, making it perfect for teething babies. It is an excellent tool to help your baby get essential nutrients while easing teething pain.

The handle size is perfect for your baby's hand, which helps improve their ability to hold and chew, leading to faster growth and improved independence.

Benefits: The child safety snap design ensures that the nipple is locked in place, preventing any accidents while using the product. The cap design helps keep silicone capsules and food clean, which avoids dust, bacteria, and other harmful substances, making your baby healthier.

The soft TPE material level of food safety and the highest food grade silicone material used in this product ensure that it is safe and suitable for babies.

Suggestions: It is recommended to use this product with frozen fruits or ice cubes, which helps soothe teething pain and provides essential nutrients.

How To Clean: Clean the product with mild soapy water, making it easy to maintain and keep it hygienic. Always supervise your baby while using the product and ensure that they do not bite off any pieces.

Size Chart: This product comes in three sizes - S, M, and L, to fit your baby's mouth size. The size chart is as follows:

  • Small: Suitable for babies aged 3-6 months
  • Medium: Suitable for babies aged 6-9 months
  • Large: Suitable for babies aged 9-12 months.
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