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Fitness Knee Pads

Fitness Knee Pads

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Experience Ultimate Knee Support with the 3D Weave Knee Sleeve!


Product Description:

Product Name: 3D Weave Knee Sleeve

Introduction: This knee sleeve is designed to provide superior comfort and support for your knee during fitness exercises, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. The three-dimensional weaving technology and high elasticity material make it flexible, breathable, and fit for a variety of body types.


  • 3D Weaving Technology: Provides a comfortable fit that is flexible and breathable.
  • Pressure Belt Design: Adjustable to fit various body parts, ensuring maximum comfort.
  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for a wide range of fitness exercises and injury prevention or rehabilitation.
  • Full Flexibility: Offers a more fitting and comfortable support for the knee.
  • Warmth and Pain Relief: Keeps the knee warm and appropriate to relieve chronic arthritis pain.


    • Color: Green, Gray
    • Material: 32% Spandex, 68% Nylon
    • Size: S (30-35cm), M (35-40cm), L (40-45cm), XL (45-50cm), XXL (50-55cm), XXXL (55-60cm)
    • Quantity: 1 piece

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Knee Sleeve


  • Improved Comfort: With 3D weaving technology and pressure belt design, the knee sleeve provides a more comfortable fit.
  • Enhanced Support: The high elasticity material and full flexibility offer better support for your knee during fitness activities.
  • Reduced Pain: The warmth and appropriate compression provided by the knee sleeve help relieve chronic arthritis pain.
  • Widely Applicable: Suitable for a range of fitness exercises, injury prevention, and rehabilitation.

Upgrade your knee support with this 3D Weave Knee Sleeve and enjoy improved comfort, enhanced support, reduced pain, and versatility.

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