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Fruit Cutter

Fruit Cutter

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Product Description: Fruit Cutter


Introduction: Discover the ultimate solution for fruit slicing with the Fruit Cutter.


  • Three versatile slicers suitable for apples, pears, mangos, tomatoes, guavas and more.
  • A fixed base for added stability during use.
  • A sharp blade for efficient slicing.
  • A serrated edge that minimizes juice loss.
  • A thick plastic handle for comfortable grip.


  • Quick and effortless fruit slicing.
  • Versatility with three slicers for various types of fruits.
  • Increased stability with a fixed base.
  • Efficient cutting with a sharp blade.
  • Reduced juice loss with a serrated edge.
  • Comfortable grip with a thick plastic handle.

Conclusion: Get your Fruit Cutter today and make fruit slicing a breeze!

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