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Home Sealed Rice Storage Box

Home Sealed Rice Storage Box

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Meals made easy with the Home Sealed Rice Storage Box


Product Overview: The Home Sealed Rice Storage Box is a must-have for every household. With a large capacity of 10L, it can store up to 20kg of rice, making it a perfect solution for large families.


  • Clear and Transparent Design: The box allows you to easily see the amount of rice left, allowing you to plan your meals accordingly.
  • Quantitative Measuring Cup: The measuring cup makes portion control effortless, reducing food waste.
  • Easy to Assemble: The simple design of the storage box allows for quick and easy wall mounting, freeing up valuable counter space in your kitchen.


  • Large Capacity: With the ability to hold up to 20kg of rice, this storage box is ideal for families and can save you time and money on frequent trips to the grocery store.
  • Efficient Storage: The clear design and quantitative measuring cup make portion control and meal planning a breeze.
  • Space-saving: The wall-mounted design ensures that your kitchen counter remains clutter-free, saving you valuable space.

Material: The Home Sealed Rice Storage Box is made of PP material, ensuring durability and longevity.

Size: 36.632.414.4cm/14.5612.755.66in

Order your Home Sealed Rice Storage Box today and enjoy a convenient and organized mealtime!

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