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Lightweight Breathable Fitness Gloves

Lightweight Breathable Fitness Gloves

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Stay protected, stay comfortable with XIAOQIAO Fitness Gloves!


Introducing the XIAOQIAO Lightweight Fitness Gloves!

With the comfort and protection of your hands in mind, XIAOQIAO has designed the perfect gloves for regular sports enthusiasts.


  • PU palm pad: With its superior grip and non-slip properties, the PU material provides skin protection while allowing for free movement.
  • Three-dimensional tailoring: An ergonomic design that allows for bending freedom and comfort while keeping the hands dry.
  • Microporous fabric: Absorbs sweat and is lightweight, making it convenient to wipe away sweat during exercise.
  • Adjustable elasticity: The high-quality Velcro allows for flexible tightness adjustments, and the easy-off design makes it convenient to remove the gloves.


  • Superior grip: The PU material provides a more stable and safer grip during exercise.
  • Skin protection: The PU palm pad reduces skin friction directly with the device and the microporous fabric is gentle on the skin.
  • Breathable and dry: The microporous fabric allows for sweat absorption and is designed to keep hands dry during exercise.
  • Easy to wear and remove: The adjustable elasticity and easy-off design make XIAOQIAO gloves convenient to wear and remove.

Protect your hands with XIAOQIAO's lightweight fitness gloves!

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