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Non-slip Embossed Bathroom Mat

Non-slip Embossed Bathroom Mat

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Step into comfort with our super soft bath mat - the perfect addition to your daily routine.!


Product Description:

The super soft bath mat is a must-have for any bathroom. With its thick and soft memory foam, it provides unparalleled comfort for your feet.

Its water absorption capacity is strong, which means it can immediately dry your feet when you step on it, protecting your feet from the cold ground and preventing the floor from getting wet. The mat also features an embossed cobblestone pattern that creates a unique 3D effect.


This bath mat is designed to be used in bathrooms, specifically to provide comfort and support to your feet while drying off after a shower or bath.


One of the main benefits of this bath mat is its thick and soft memory foam, which can help eliminate pressure on your feet and provide advanced support that other bathroom mats cannot provide.

Additionally, its strong water absorption capacity ensures that your feet are dry and the floor stays clean and dry. The anti-slip backing made of PVC ensures that the mat stays in place without damaging your floors.


To get the most out of this bath mat, it's recommended that you place it near your bathtub or shower.

After each use, make sure the bottom of the mat is dry and clean to maintain its anti-slip function. You may also want to consider purchasing multiple bath mats to place throughout your bathroom.

Size & Material & Color Chart:

  • Material: coral fleece surface + memory foam
  • Size: 4060cm/5080cm
  • Color options: white, dark blue, black, coffee, gray, khaki, lake blue, sky blue

Washing Tips:

To clean this bath mat, you can either hand wash it by soaking it in clean water for 10 minutes, adding washing powder or liquid detergent, and gently scrubbing with a brush.

Alternatively, you can machine wash it by folding it twice and washing it with other clothes. Make sure to dry it after washing.

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