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pampas grass decor plants

pampas grass decor plants

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Bring Nature's Beauty into Your Space with Pampas Grass Decoration


Product Specification: Pampas Grass Decoration


  • 8 pieces
  • 10 pieces (with vase)
  • 20 pieces (without vase)


  • Total length: 20-22 inches
  • Plume flower length: 8-14 inches

Product Category:

  • 20 pieces: Pampas grass without vases
  • 10 pieces: Pampas grass with vases

Vase Material: Plastic

Color Options:

  • Raw
  • Light (equivalent to grey color)
  • Grey

Use: The Pampas Grass Decoration is a beautiful natural flower suitable for various occasions such as weddings, stages, living rooms, bedrooms, offices, hotels, bookstores, cafes, restaurants, gardens, birthdays, Valentine's Day, etc.


  • Adds natural beauty to any space
  • Ideal for special events and celebrations
  • Versatile and can be used in a variety of settings

Warm Tip: If you are planning to use the Pampas Grass Decoration for a wedding, birthday, or party, it is recommended to book 40-50 days in advance.

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